Our body wraps are unlike any other
wrap you have ever experienced.

We wrap you in select bandages which are soaked in our moisturizing, all natural mineral solution. After the wrap is complete you will have not only a visibly slimmer appearance, but also tighter, firmer skin! You won’t be able to help but feel healthier after you’ve emerged from our wraps refreshed and invigorated.

Our goal is to provide beautiful, soothing surroundings where you can de-stress and sink into relaxation. Our body wraps and other select treatments, combined with natural supplements, contribute to a healthier body, mindset, and lifestyle. We want to help our clients not only look and feel fantastic, but to also counteract the damaging effects that living in an impure environment brings.

Wraptured, Inc. is an exclusive provider of the internationally licensed Victoria Morton’s Suddenly Slender Body Wrap System. For more than 35 years, over ten million wraps have been successfully given in over 500 salons around the globe.

These are the body wraps that everyone is talking about.  They’ve had sensational, nationwide coverage in the media, with rave reviews by celebrity endorsers like Rachel Ray and Robin McGraw, and exposure on popular shows like “Ellen” and “The View”.

The best part is that body wraps are for EVERYONE, regardless of age or gender. Anyone who wants to improve their appearance without costly, ineffective programs or risky surgeries is a perfect candidate for the Suddenly Slender Body Wrap!

Wraptured Inc. is also a proud supporter of The A21 Campaign.