Mangosteen Elixir

Mangosteen Elixir


Mangosteen Elixir® is made with hand-harvested, cold-pressed mangosteen.  To the pure mangosteen juice we add our own proprietary blend of organic noni juice, goji juice, organic black cherry juice, organic cranberry juice, blueberry juice, organic red raspberry juice, pomegranate juice and black elderberry juice.  Is a Synergy Juice Blend™ made from nine high ORAC rated, antioxidant-rich super fruits.  It's perfect for the entire family and it tastes absolutely fabulous!

Here is the Published research on Mangosteen Elixir®:

  • Anti-Fungal
  • Anti-Histamine 
  • Anti-Inflammatory

  • Anti-Bacterial/Microbial

  • Anti-Oxidant/Free Radical Scavenging 

  • Anti-Viral

  • Cancer Cell Growth-Inhibiting

  • Immune-Stimulating

  • LDL-Cholesterol Oxidation-Inhibiting

"My own personal research has revealed that mangosteen is being widely used by health practitioners worldwide for a variety of body ailments such as eczema, psoriasis, diabetes, weight loss, nerve pain, infections, arthritis, anxiety, depression, dementia, cancer and many others." (Dr. E) 

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